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for a healthier lifestyle 

Harmonia believes that in order to achieve true beauty, a treatment needs to result in a healthy and balanced body and mind. From facialsbody treatments and massages to waxingmake-up and nail care to acupuncture and other wellness therapies, Harmonia offers services to make you glow inside and out.


on the road to wellness 

Harmonia provides you with comfort, care and support along with holistic treatments and spa services for before, during and after your illness.

Because we are more than just physical beings, Harmonia’s goal is to assist in body, mind and spirit integration. We work with our guests to help them find their inner path toward wholeness and awareness. Our various healing modalities are all geared toward creating a state of balance within the body.

Some of the main benefits of our body work include helping to remove toxins, replenish nourishment, maintain and boost the immune system and relieve physical and emotional stress. Therefore, the body’s own healing potential is enhanced.

We welcome you to Harmonia and invite you to lean on us during your time of need.


the couple’s room

Why does it feel like the pace of our lives just keeps getting faster and faster? These days, even spending quality time with loved ones seems more difficult to work into your schedule. Cue Harmonia’s Couple’s Room–the perfect way to bond with someone special while taking care of yourselves. This private space allows you to chat and catch-up or enjoy each other’s company in silence while receiving spa services. Treatments that can be performed in this room can include:

Please just be sure to request the Couple’s Room when making your appointment so that we can be sure to accommodate you.

the 5-5-5 series 

Mini-Facelift Program

Many of us reach a point in our lives where age sets in and we have a hard time accepting how our body is changing. Some common issues include more wrinkles, especially expression lines, a double chin, a weakened jaw line, and facial features that begin to sag.

While medical treatments are an option for looking younger, Harmonia provides another alternative which helps the body rejuvenate itself through natural, non-invasive techniques. This Series is comprised of three specific treatments, each of which is intended to be received once a week for five weeks. These therapies, in combination with a good home care routine, work perfectly together to combat the effects of time. The three treatments in this program are:

The results you can expect include less lines with less depth, a more sculpted and full face with a more defined jaw line, lifted cheeks and tighter skin. Your neck will be tighter and slimmer under the chin. Your eyes will look more open and refreshed. For more information and pricing, click here.

essential oils 

The essential oil blends used in Harmonia’s treatments are from Germaine de Capuccini. They are absorbed by the body through the skin and by inhalation through the sense of smell. Through the sense of smell, essential oils act mainly on the nervous system, having comforting effects on moods and emotions, acting on the memory, learning capacity and our state of mind. When applied to the skin, essential oils penetrate rapidly and spread through the body until a widespread effect is created on the physical and psychological state of the individual.

Natural aromatic essences are used to re-establish balance between body, mind and spirit. The five balanced blends include:

Active: enhances micro-circulation and creates a feeling of lightness with extracts of spearmint, clary sage and cinnamon

Aqua: natural moisturizing and renewal featuring extracts of geranium, patchouli and coriander

Relax: calming for body and mind through extracts of lavender, sandalwood, patchouli, violet and ylang-ylang

Svelte: purifying thanks to extracts of cedarwood, juniper and lavender

Vitality: toning and energizing from extracts of mandarin, nutmeg, lime and Italian lemon


september specials

Featured Treatments of the Month

  • Moisturizing Body Treatment: Provide your skin with the necessary moisture for it to feel comfortable and velvety smooth. An algae and sea salt-based exfoliator are combined with coriander, African geranium and patchouli essential oils for an invigorating body massage. Receive a scalp and essential oil foot massage while luxuriating in a warm body wrap. Helps prepare the skin for sun exposure, rehydrates it afterward and keeps it looking its best. 45 minutes $95
  • Organic White Tea Facial: Experience intense, lasting hydration while strengthening the skin against free-radicals, pollution and signs of aging. This gentle, refreshing facial features certified organic products based on white tea extract-one of the most powerful anti-oxidants in nature. The Organic White Tea Facial includes a cleansing, extractions, facial massage and masking as well as a soothing shoulder and hand massage done with essential oils. 60 minutes, $98

Treatment and Product Specials

  • According to Chinese Medicine, fall is the season of the lungs. The lungs govern the body, hair and skin. What this means is that the lung function is responsible for distributing moisture to the skin, maintaining its suppleness and elasticity. By ensuring that your lungs are healthy, you’re in turn making your skin more vibrant and beautiful! This month, experience a few complimentary acupuncture needles with Myeong, Harmonia’s in-house acupuncturist, to help rebalance your body. Please note, this is a one-time time offer so make sure to schedule it along with your next service at the spa!
  • 30 Minute Body Polish added onto any massage for only $45
  • Save 15% on all Germaine de Capuccini body exfoliators, body moisturizers, shower products and organic white tea products


These offers cannot be used with any other promotional offers including Spa Finder, Spa Week, Spa Wish, Harmonia’s Holiday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates. Specials may not be combined with any other offers or discounts.

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